Motorola, AT&T prep ATRIX 4G software update; won’t enable HSUPA

March 24th at 9:39 AM

Motorola, AT&T prep ATRIX 4G software update; won’t enable HSUPA

Motorola on Wednesday announced the pre-release of a software update that will ultimately find its way to ATRIX 4G devices across the country in the near future. In a call for beta testers on the company’s support forum, Motorola announced that it is seeking 1,000 ATRIX 4G users to test a pre-release version of the device’s first software update. The big question on users’ minds, of course, was weather or not the update would enable HSUPA. Many ATRIX 4G users have openly complained of slow upload speeds, and over 1,100 people have signed a digital petition in protest of AT&T’s disabling of HSUPA on the device. AT&T would later confirm that HSUPA had been disabled on the ATRIX, though the carrier did note that full 4G upload speeds would be enabled on the smartphone in the future. Responding to questions in the call for beta testers, a Motorola rep identified as Mark (Forums Manager) confirmed that this first software update for the ATRIX will not enable HSUPA. “HSUPA is not included in this update though a future update will enable it,” the rep wrote on the forum. “More details to come from AT&T.” Registration for the software trial is open until 12:00 p.m. EDT on Friday. More →


Blackberry Bolds hit New York, sell out

September 3rd at 6:15 PM

Blackberry Bolds hit New York, sell out

Dear New Yorkers,

It has come to our attention that you lucky bastards are able to purchase pre-release Blackberry Bolds for a mere $1,300 right there in Manhattan. While this price is nothing short of egregious, we’re a little jealous that you can walk to your local mom and pop Blackberry shop and pick one up (sort of). is selling pre-release Bolds at a “special offer” of $1,299.99 on their web site. According to Joe at Blackberry Business, who was holding the last one in his hand to make a sale as I spoke with him, “We got five a couple days ago, but we’re all sold out now.” Joe must be happy to have made some big money on pre-release 9000s.

Looks like you’re too late. Tsk tsk. Of note, even though the site shows pictures of an AT&T branded Bold, the ones available were unbranded.

Thanks, Robby!

Via [BBC]