Apple OS X Lion 10.7 new features wrap up so far

February 27th at 12:35 PM

Apple OS X Lion 10.7 new features wrap up so far

Ever since Apple released Mac OS X Lion 10.7 to developers to test, new features have started to become uncovered. 9to5Mac has been doing a great job compiling a list of some new (and pretty lust-worthy) features that are available in the next version of Apple’s operating system for the PC, and here’s a brief recap of what you can expect to see come summer:

  • TRIM support for super-fast SSD writing
  • Recovery partition to your startup hard drive removing the need for the OS X installer disc in case something goes wrong
  • Possible Dropbox-like functionality for MobileMe storage
  • Find my Mac functionality in Apple’s MobileMe service
  • Removed support for PowerPC applications
  • Removed Front Row (possible it’s only in the seeded development OS, however)
  • Podcast Producer, a true podcast production tool letting you create various shows, episodes, and effortless edit, upload, and share your podcasts
  • Yahoo IM! support in iChat including video and audio conferencing, iOS-style symbol keys (hold down a key on your keyboard and an onscreen symbol list appears like in iOS), and live URL previews when you hover over a URL link

There are many more findings in Mac OS X 10.7, but these are some of the exciting smaller ones that haven’t yet been announced. More →


Throwback Thursday: Power Mac G4 Cube

February 3rd at 5:37 PM

Throwback Thursday: Power Mac G4 Cube

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re venturing back to the year 2000. A time when the Y2K scare was in full swing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was floating around 5,000, and the Power Mac G4 Cube was hot technology.

First sold in 2000, Apple’s Power Mac G4 Cube came standard with a 450MHz PowerPC G4 processor, 128MB of RAM, 24X CD-ROM drive, 20GB hard drive, and 16MB ATI graphics card. The computer was popular amongst Mac enthusiasts due to is svelte form — 9-inches tall, 8-inches wide, and 8-inches deep — fan-less operation, and unique speakers. Like all things Apple, there was a premium that had to be paid for such a compact and dapper machine; the Cube’s base price was $1599 (CPU only).

While popular amongst die-hard Mac fans, the device never really achieved mainstream success and in 2001 the Cube was retired. Since the computer’s sunsetting, instructions have surfaced online explaining how to turn the Cube’s external case into a host of other things… including a fish bowl.

Anyone out there ever invest in a G4 Cube? More →