Throwback Thursday: Pocket Rockers

December 16th at 4:31 PM

Throwback Thursday: Pocket Rockers

Back for another installment of Throwback Thursday? After several weeks of technology focused throwbacks, we’re going to revisit the retro toy scene as December 25th is right around the corner. If you’re a young music aficionado, there is a good chance you’ve already swindled your parents into buying you an iPod or digital music player of some sort. Heck, if you’re parents are really nice you might even have one of those new fangled “smartphones” that functions as a music player. However back in the 1980’s, such things didn’t exist. Sure, there was the Sony Walkman, but they were a hot item and not typically something bought for an adolescent. If only there was something that could fill the void in the market, if only there was… Pocket Rockers.

Marketed by Fisher Price in the late 80’s, the Pocket Rockers was a small, cassette-based music player with a built in speaker and headphone jack. The device played proprietary miniature cassettes that held two songs and, like all cool things in the 80’s, could be worn on your person. The commercials depicted young music lovers dancing around, with their feathered bangs and rolled-up jeans, wearing the Rocker-cassettes of their favorite artists. After all, who would want to keep the fact that they love Debbie Gibson a secret? Tiffany, Genesis, and Cutting Crew were a few other artists that had two-track cassettes available for the player.

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Throwback Thursday: Sprint Hitachi SH-G1000 Pocket PC

October 7th at 3:26 PM

Throwback Thursday: Sprint Hitachi SH-G1000 Pocket PC

Oh, how things have changed since 2003. The Hitachi SH-G1000 Pocket PC — also known as the largest Pocket PC in history (we’re probably stretching, but still) — was one of the first Pocket PC devices we owned. Why did we buy it? Well, if we remember correctly, it was one of the first Pocket PCs to use cellular data (it used Sprint’s 1xRTT network for data), and this enabled us to constantly use AIM, send email, and use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer; it also took our pretentious-douche-factor to new heights when we used it in our local Starbucks. You didn’t need a stylus to type on the G1000 as it had a portrait, full-QWERTY keyboard built-in. As an added bonus, there was a rotatable camera, 400 MHz CPU, and 32 MB of RAM. While the device was not “pocketable,” the battery life was impressive; clocking in at over a day of average use, possibly two. The device retailed for $649 on Sprint. Anybody ever own one of these monsters?

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Sony confirms its pocket-sized VAIO P Series notebook

January 8th at 11:32 AM

Sony confirms its pocket-sized VAIO P Series notebook

Sony P series notebook

All the rumors about Sony’s supposed pocketable notebook were spot on. The only surprise Sony had in store for us was an unusual case design that completely removes the trackpad in favor of a pointing stick and includes a 6-row 82 key QWERTY keyboard instead of the smaller 5-row keyboard found on most 8.9″ netbooks. Well, that and the notebook label as opposed to netbook. Here is a detailed rundown of the specs for Sony’s latest notebook offering :

  • Intel (presumably Atom?) processor 1.33GHz  with 512kb  L2 cache and 533MHz FSB
  • 8.0″ XBRITE-ECO, LED Back Light LCD with 1600 x 768 resolution
  • 2GB (2GBx1) 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (max)
  • Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500. Total Available Graphics Memory of 760MB. Max. External Resolution via VGA of 1600×1200
  • Intel High Definition Audio
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with A2DP
  • Atheros 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN
  • Integrated 3G Mobile Broadband
  • up to 60GB HDD or 128GB SSD
  • QWERTY keyboard, 82 keys with 1.2mm stroke and 16.5mm pitch and a pointing stick
  • WLAN & Bluetooth on/off, Instant On, and Xross Media Bar action buttons
  • Built-in MOTION EYE camera and microphone
  • Memory Stick Duo media slot with MagicGate functionality (1), SD slot (1)
  • Headphone Jack (1) and USB 2.0 Ports (2)
  • Standard Capacity Lithium-ion Battery
  • 9.65″(W) x 0.78″(H) x 4.72″(D) and approximately 1.4lbs
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
  • Available in Onyx Black, Garnet Red, Emerald Green, and Crystal White

The VAIO P Series is available for pre-order starting today and will make its debut in Sony Style stores later this month. Major retailers will have to wait until the beginning in February for their inventory to arrive. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it and want to see it now, the Sony Style stores in Las Vegas and New York City will have live display units. Start saving your pennies as the P-Series notebooks start at $899 and climb up to $1499 for the premium 128GB SSD equipped model.



Sony teases us with a sneak peek of a keyboard and a pointing stick

December 30th at 11:23 AM

Sony teases us with a sneak peek of a keyboard and a pointing stick

vaio keyboard

Sony’s Japanese Vaio website teases us with a new flash-based advertisement this week. Last week it was a fashionista with a clutch bag, this week it is flashing stills of woman heading out the door with images of a compact keyboard flashed in between. A member of the Pocketables forum managed to snag the two close-up images of the keyboard and the pointing stick. The images reveal a 5 row keyboard with a pointing stick; keeping the rumor going that Sony is planning a smaller Vaio notebook (revival of the old Picturebook?) or a Vaio with a netbook form factor. Sony provided just enough information to keep the hype going but not enough information to reveal anything new. Hold on folks, just a little over a week of rumors before all shall be revealed at CES. Hit the jump for one more shot.

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