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Verizon's Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus explained

One of our connects just broke down why Verizon Wireless’ Palm Pre and Palm Pixi will get the Plus name treatment. It’s not exactly rocket science, but the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon >>

Verizon Wireless ordered 400,000 Palm devices

We’ve been told by one of our VZW connects that the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi are both starting to appear in Verizon Wireless’ inventory systems. In addition, we’ve also heard from the >>

Palm Pixi now available from Sprint

If you’re desperately jonesing for a webOS device but hate those pesky sliders, today is your day, folks. It is the Palm Pixi’s first day of availability on Sprint. Going for $99.99 on >>

Palm Pixi launching on October 20th?

We just got word that Palm’s second webOS device, the Pixi, is set to launch on October 20th. This includes Sprint corporate stores as well as Best Buy locations presumably. This intel is >>

BlackBerry loves U2 but U2 still loves Palm

With all of the money RIM is dumping into its U2 sponsorship, a bit of irony shined through earlier this week when Palm announced its secondary stock offering. The big news that came >>