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webOS notifications designer returns to Apple

Palm’s brain drain shows no signs of letting up, as it was revealed today that Rich Dellinger, the man responsible for many of the icons in webOS and the creation of the “non-intrusive >>

Rumor: Palm considering ditching Rubinstein

Take this with the usual grain of salt, but according to TechCrunch’s sources, Palm is about to undergo a huge shake-up and CEO John Rubinstein might just get the axe. Rubinstein became the >>

Palm cuts ties with advertising agency

You know those God awful Palm Pre ads you haven’t been able to escape from for the past year? Well it looks like they’re going to go away for good because it has >>

webOS 1.4 update now out for Verizon customers

Yesterday, many Palm Pre owners were treated to an OS update that spanned the globe, except, unfortunately Verizon Wireless subscribers were left out. Luckily for you Palm-fanatics on Verizon, Verizon Wireless Pre Plus >>

Palm Pre Plus plagued by problems with the GPS?

A week after its official debut, the honeymoon for Verizon Wireless Palm Pre Plus owners might be over with an increasing number of users complaining about problems with imprecise GPS signal locking. When >>