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BlackBerry Pearl 8230 Flip gets pictured

Well, it’s no Curve 8900 and it’s certainly no Bold but BlackBerry fans with a need for buttons will be happy to learn that the Pearl 8230 Flip should be landing soon on >>

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Flip free at Best Buy

If you’ve been aching for a new BlackBerry Pearl Flip phone but you didn’t want to plop down a few hundred dollars for it, this may be your week. We don’t have all >>

BlackBerry 9100 waiting in the wings?

Look, with the model numbers floating around, this wouldn’t surprise us much. Since, well, we’ve heard it before in our inner-circles. If what we’re told is to be believed, the logical assumption is >>

Where is RIM’s MySpace application?

Not bashing them… just wondering, really. Didn’t they announce the MySpace application release would coincide with the release of the T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220? Anyone care? Read >>

Google Piloting Voice Search for Google Maps Mobile

Google Maps Mobile is probably Google’s most actively developed mobile application. It seems like there are new versions popping up for one platform or another every couple of weeks these days. In the >>

Rogers launches BlackBerry Pearl 8120 with UMA

Rogers and RIM have just announced the launch of the BlackBerry 8120 on the Canadian carrier’s network. The phone, which has been available worldwide for quite some time now, is compatible with Rogers&rsquo >>