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Three out of every five major patent suits involve Apple

Anyone paying attention to tech industry intellectual property litigation knows that Apple is at the center of many major patent suits. But per Bloomberg, new research from intellectual property consulting firm Kanzatec IP Group >>

Apple loses bid to ban HTC phones

Although Apple scored a big victory in its efforts to muck up Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales last week, it will have no such satisfaction for HTC Android devices just yet. All Things D reports >>

How Samsung could get its revenge against Apple

The word on the street is that Apple could file for a temporary restraining order against the Samsung Galaxy S III on Friday. Naturally, Samsung probably wouldn’t be too happy with that, which has >>

Oh the indignity: RIM sued over mobile pager tech

Can a patent suit be tossed out because it’s wantonly cruel? That’s a question a judge will soon have to deal with because Research In Motion has just been slapped with a lawsuit >>

Apple did not infringe on Nokia patents, ITC panel rules

An International Trade Commission panel on Friday ruled on a patent infringement suit filed by Nokia against Apple in May 2010. In the suit, Nokia alleged that Apple’s iPhone infringed on multiple Nokia >>