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HP Pre 3 hands-on!

We’ve just scored some hands-on time with HP’s latest and greatest smartphone and needless to say, we have some quick preliminary thoughts and feedback to share. We’re not going to beat around the >>

HP Veer hands-on!

While the HP TouchPad might have been the star of the show in terms of new product announcements, the HP Veer is a sleek little smartphone that shouldn’t be overlooked. And when we >>

HP / Palm’s ‘Think Beyond’ event is tomorrow

Been on the edge of your seats just waiting to see what Palm (HP) will unveil tomorrow at their “Think Beyond” event? Two tablets at 7 and 10-inch sizes have been rumored, but >>

New HP trademarks could lead to horrible webOS tablet names

Several newly uncovered trademark filings could indicate possible names for HP’s upcoming webOS tablets. The trademark filings, which were revealed today, include “HP Duopad,” “HP Touchcanvas” and “HP Touchslate.” Earlier trademarks suggest that >>

HP Topaz webOS tablet revealed

Another piece of the puzzle that is scheduled to take shape next month at HP’s webOS press event looks like it has just been revealed. A render of Palm’s large-form tablet was first >>

webOS’ on-screen keyboard gets taken for a test drive

The gang over at have done some tinkering with a Palm Pre 2 running webOS 2.0 and have managed to gain access to the mobile operating systems on-screen keyboard. While the performance of the >>

HP reports Q4 earnings; revenue up 8% to $33.5 billion

Hewlett-Packard reported a solid quarter Monday evening, as the consumer electronics giant posted earnings that beat analyst expectations. HP’s net revenue in its fiscal fourth quarter of 2010 came in at $33.3 billion >>