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Happy Pre Day, mobile fans

Fear and Loathing joke aside, you know a phone has heat when people would rather drive through a store window than wait for the store to open… If you’ve been chained up in >>

Sprint: Pre on Verizon in six months? Nope.

The back and forth continues. Following Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam’s comment that the Pre would be hitting VZW shelves “over the next six months or so”, Sprint issued a brief official statement >>

Hands on with the Palm Pre

Admit it… As much fun as it is to see the latest and greatest from around the mobile world at CTIA, there’s just one handset you’ve been waiting to see pop up here >>

Compal to delay smartphone orders to Palm, Pre not included

According to a recent Digitimes article, the China-based Commercial Times is reporting Compal may be forced to delay upcoming shipments of smartphones to Palm. The source states: Shipments of Palm’s two smartphones will >>