Ovi Store News

Nokia E73 Mode available from T-Mobile

Nokia’s facing a pretty bleak future when it comes to the world of smartphones, so the launch of the E73 Mode with T-Mobile couldn’t have come at a better time. Designed with business >>

T-Mobile announces the Nokia E73 Mode

And once again we have proof that where there’s a good amount of smoke, there’s likely to be fire. Today Nokia announced it will be bringing the E73 Mode, a Symbian S60 device said >>

Skype hits Nokia's Ovi Store

The fate of Skype for Windows Mobile may be in jeopardy, but the vitals on the Symbian version of the voice and text chat client seem to be very, very good. Yesterday, Nokia >>

Nokia's Ovi Store goes live across the globe

Throughout the night our inboxes had been lighting up like the New York skyline with reports that Nokia’s Ovi Store went live across the globe just as Nokia promised during MWC. Just a >>