myTouch 3G now available for $99, thanks Oprah!

September 10th at 5:31 PM

myTouch 3G now available for $99, thanks Oprah!


Yeah, that’s right. Oprah is pimping T-Mobile’s myTouch 3G with a promotion code in honor of the 24th season of her popular daytime talk show. Enter in “kickoff24” during checkout and a cool $100 will be shaved off the price of the myTouch 3G, bringing the final cost of the handset down to $99. Sweet! The promotion code goes live today and will work through September 24th. If you want to jump on this deal, do so quickly as there is always a chance that the purchasing power of the Oprah army could clean out Tmo’s inventory before you know it. Then again, our savvy tech readers may want to pass on this newly-dubbed “Oprah phone” and wait for the Motorola Morrison to hit store shelves. Decisions, decisions.

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Oprah’s favorite new gadget is confirmed to be the Amazon Kindle

October 23rd at 11:54 PM

Oprah’s favorite new gadget is confirmed to be the Amazon Kindle

oprah kindle

Yeah we know this post sounds like something you might read at “People Magazine” but it does have some pretty serious gadget implications, so read on. If you don’t watch daytime TV, then you probably don’t know that Oprah has been hyping her October 24th show, during which she will announce her favorite gadget, like there is no tomorrow. Teaser videos are on her show’s website and on the front page of Amazon’s website. If you consider the fact that Oprah is the leader of the world’s biggest book club, it isn’t too hard to deduce that her favorite gadget just might be the Amazon Kindle. It also helps if you look at the source code of the XML file on her website and see that the keywords for Friday’s show include:

Oprah Fridays Live, gadget, favorite things, favorite new gadget, kindle, kindel, kindle device,, edgar sawtelle, obc, oprah’s book club, Cristina Ferrare, Mattie Stepanek, money, economy, savings, dollars, recession, cooking, meals for less,

Cha-ching, can you hear the sound of Amazon’s virtual cash registers ringing up infinitive sales? The show will air on Friday, so if you want an Amazon Kindle, better buy one now. Who knows what will happen when the Oprah nation descends upon Amazon tomorrow. You have been duly warned.

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