Opera 5.1 for Android released

July 14th at 7:46 AM

Opera 5.1 for Android released

Opera for ANdroid

Ah yes, pulled from the deep, cold fjords of Norway comes a fresh release of Opera for Android. The latest code out of Oslo — Opera 5.1 for Android — brings with it a slew of improvements, including: the ability to be set as the default browser, better kinetic scrolling, improved pinch-to-zoom functionality, and better overall rendering speed. The app is sitting in the Android Market as we speak. Why don’t you go check out what your friends from Norway have come up with for you! Hit the bounce for the full press release. More →


Opera tells Forbes to calm down, no US carrier agreements at CTIA

March 23rd at 2:20 PM

Opera tells Forbes to calm down, no US carrier agreements at CTIA

Following a report from Forbes last Friday, Opera has stated publicly — at least in PR speak — that it denies suggestions of one or more US carrier agreements rumored to be announced in early April. Forbes’ report suggested US carriers were finally “coming around” and the Oslo-based browser company would be announcing agreements to bring its mobile browser to subsidized handsets in the US at CTIA. Opera’s public response:

Opera is aware of statements in the media that Opera will announce one or more agreements with US operators in early April.

Opera would like to clarify that it has no plans to announce any US operator agreements to the OSE in early April as mentioned in the media.

Well that doesn’t leave much room for debate now does it? The idea of less-savvy users in the US having access to a more real version of the web from feature phones was definitely exciting as typical, casual users are unlikely to seek out a browser like Opera Mobile on their own. Alas, no such luck if this announcement is taken at face value. We’re sure Opera will continue to push its browser to US carriers and we can only hope deals will be announced at some point. That point however, will not be next week at CTIA.

Thanks, erik!