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Dell Venue Pro now available on AT&T

Dell’s Venue Pro smartphone had its share of setbacks at launch, but we really grew to enjoy the device once the wrinkles were all ironed out. The build is outstanding, the design is sleek >>

HTC Arrive review

HTC often likes to highlight “firsts” in its marketing messages. While the days leading up to the launch of HTC’s Arrive are noticeably devoid of any relevant advertising, Sprint and HTC could have >>

Windows Phone sales top 877,000 in February, report suggests

According to a recently filed report, nearly 1 million Windows Phone handsets were sold in the month of February alone. Using the same algorithm that successfully predicted when Microsoft hit 1 million units sold, The Next Web estimates that >>

New Windows Phone 7 update details emerge

Web-famous Windows watcher Paul Thurrott has come forward with new details surrounding a pair of upcoming updates for Microsoft’s mobile platform. Some details jibe with earlier reports, while others are definitely news to >>