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HTC Bravo spied on its way to T-Mobile UK?

T-Mobile U.S. may have the Nexus One but T-Mobile UK is reportedly getting the HTC Bravo, a multi-touch packing, optical trackpad-toting variant of the Nexus One. Similar to the Nexus One, the Bravo >>

T-Mobile acknowledges Nexus One 3G issue

We’ve been hearing grumblings on the intertubes about the newly minted Nexus One having 3G connectivity problems with T-Mobile’s network. Users have been reporting that the Nexus is constantly bouncing between 3G and >>

Google Nexus One Giveaway!

Another giveaway? Heck yes! Up for grabs this time is a Google Nexus One. We bought one directly from Google in addition to getting a review unit so we could see how their >>

Google Nexus One hands on

Alright boys and girls, we’ve just got our hands on a Google Nexus One of our own and here are some first impressions as well as photos… As light as the phone is >>

Second Nexus One pic surfaces

More Nexus One fodder?  Yes, please. This second pic isn’t a full frontal like the first candid floating around the internet, but we though we would share anyways. Just throwing a little extra >>

Oh hai, Google Phone: Nexus 1

Here’s what we know: we’ve been told the Google Nexus 1 (yes, the Google phone Arrington nailed) will be sold by Google online directly. But that’s also the “first retail channel” and it >>