Nexus One News

Netflix app finally launches for Android

The wait is over — Netflix finally announced on Thursday that its Android application is now available in the Android Market. But there’s a catch: it’s only supported on “select phones that have >>

Google Nexus One to get Gingerbread update soon

Following a misfire earlier this month, official word has finally come straight from the horse’s mouth. Using its “googlenexus” Twitter account, Google announced Monday that the Nexus One will receive an update to >>

Google Nexus S review

Almost a full year ago, Google offered up its vision of what a mobile phone experience should be. We’re not talking about just the phone itself, funny enough, but also how consumers purchase >>

HTC Mozart specs revealed in video

A video of the HTC Mozart has surfaced on YouTube. The one minute video is not all that exciting — it depicts the Mozart being paired to a Bluetooth handset — but a >>

Ubuntu shoehorned on to Nexus One

If you really love Linux, and are a Nexus One owner, has a tutorial for you. The site’s founder has managed to get Ubuntu linux running on top of Android 2.2 on >>