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Motorola's fugly iDEN i465 passes through the FCC

Motorola’s upcoming i465, its first full-QWERTY iDEN phone, is one of those “special” phones that manages to get uglier each and every time that we see it — even in sexed up press >>

Final call for ETF-free Sprint contract cancellation

Have you been itching for a way to escape the shackles of your Sprint Wireless contract, but aren’t willing to pony up the cash to pay off the Early Termination Fee? While Sprint’s >>

Sprint’s head of CDMA hits the road

Will Dan Hesse’s woes never cease? In a sudden move this past week, yet another member of Sprint’s top management decided he had enough and went running for the hills. John Garcia, the >>

Sprint Nextel execs top list of most overpaid!

One would think that a company struggling and bleeding customers like Sprint would have executives bleeding themselves. Not so. Even after their obvious hardship to stay competitive, the fines and fees they’ve paid >>

DNVR: a look into the DNC’s l33t Communications System

Although the winner of the Barack Obama Veepstakes is still a secret (not for long), Motorola is proud to announce that it is the official two-way radio provider of the Democratic National Convention. >>