Nokia to sell wireless modem business to Japanese company Renesas

July 7th at 2:45 AM

Nokia to sell wireless modem business to Japanese company Renesas


nokia-modemThe NYT reports that Nokia plans to sell its wireless modem business to Japanese company Renesas for $200 million. The NYT cites falling prices (the average cost of a modem is down to 30€ from 120€) and competition from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE. In an official statement, Nokia wrote:

“The planned transfer of Nokia’s wireless modem business enables Renesas Electronics to maximize the value of Nokia’s technology assets and engineering expertise in delivering advanced mobile platform solutions to the market by combining them with Renesas Electronics’ market-proven multimedia processing and RF technologies.”

Most European wireless ISPs give away mobile wireless modems to their customers, making the margins in the wireless modem business extremely small. Nokia did emphasize that it would stay committed and focused on wireless LTE and HSPA+ technologies, which account for “17% of all broadband connection in Europe,” after the sale. More →


NYT: Apple completely reworking Apple TV

July 2nd at 2:06 PM

NYT: Apple completely reworking Apple TV


The New York Times is reporting that Apple, Inc. is “working on an update to its television software” that runs on its Apple TV hardware, an update that “will offer a completely redesigned interface for it.” The Times’ source asked not to be identified, and Apple — unsurprisingly — declined to comment on the matter. The Times cited several additional anonymous sources that claimed the new Apple TV could: be a completely new hardware product, be a software update to the current hardware offering, and/or run Apple’s expanding iOS. Apple TV was first launch in 2006 and since has been described by Apple’s CEO as “a hobby.” One thing we’re looking forward to seeing: how Apple, Google, Roku, Tivo, and others compete for space in your living room. More →