Magic Leak VR AR MR Demo

Magic Leap’s mind-blowing mixed reality tech demoed on video for the first time

April 19th at 9:55 AM

Magic Leap’s mind-blowing mixed reality tech demoed on video for the first time

We’ve seen a few Magic Leap demos, some of them showing exciting augmented reality games created for the unreleased VR/AR device. But this exciting startup may be working on something a lot bigger than that, and it could redefine the future of computing. In addition to gaming, Magic Leap’s mixed reality (MR) experience could reshape the way we’ll use computers for productivity and regular day-to-day tasks. It’s the kind of technology that might replace the iPhone in a more distant future.

A new video recorded through the eyes of a Magic Leap user shows this technology in action for the first time, and it completely blew us away. More →

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Sprint's Hero receives an OTA update

November 18th at 4:52 PM

Sprint's Hero receives an OTA update


Guess what, Sprint Hero users? The update that you have all been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived. No, we’re not talking about anything as big Android 2.0, but a bug killing maintenance release. Available OTA and coming in at 3748377 bytes, firmware 1.56.651.2 fixes that pesky SMS issues which caused significant battery drain as well as enables the device to play friendly with DST. So far we’re not noticing any other changes (we wish there were an official change log we could take a peek at), but if you spot anything, be sure to let us know. We love hearing from you.

Thanks, Mark!


BlackBerry Tour OS available now from Verizon Wireless

September 18th at 6:34 PM

BlackBerry Tour OS available now from Verizon Wireless


If you didn’t catch the leaked version of that appeared yesterday for the BlackBerry Tour, you’ll be pleased as punch to know that Verizon has officially kicked off the first software maintenance release for the device. The version which we told you about does fix and improve many different aspects of the operating system, yet it’s still not quite perfect. Here’s an official list or change log we put together:

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BlackBerry Tour MR1 OS to be

September 17th at 12:36 PM

BlackBerry Tour MR1 OS to be


We’ve been hearing rumors of a September MR for the BlackBerry Tour for a while now. Even though OS didn’t turn out to be the first official new software release, we believe we now have a winner. We’ve just got word that the official maintenance release for the BlackBerry Tour due out around October 1st will be OS I’ve been running this on my Tour for a pretty long time and even though it does manage to speed up the phone a bit, it’s really not the answer I think many Tour owners are looking for. Better than nothing, though! At least until 5.0 gets here…

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Samsung announces inked r450, headed to MetroPCS

August 3rd at 11:50 AM

Samsung announces inked r450, headed to MetroPCS

Ahhhhh marketing agencies. Buy your clients dinner at the right restaurant and you can convince them to do almost anything. Case in point: The Mister Cartoon-branded Samsung r450 on its way to MetroPCS. On the back of marketing firm SA Studios Global, Samsung and MetroPCS have teamed with famed tattoo artist Mark Machado a.k.a. Mister Cartoon to release a limited edition SCH-r450. The handset will feature tattoo-centric wallpapers, ringtones and animations beneath a re-colored case complete with Mister Cartoon-designed graphics on the battery cover. We hope you’re ready to pounce on this bad boy, MetroPCS fans — only 30,010 of these gems will be assembled, with the first 10 to be signed by Mister Cartoon and auctioned off for charity.