Motorola acquires 3LM, updates MOTOBLUR, more

February 14th at 11:22 AM

Motorola acquires 3LM, updates MOTOBLUR, more

Motorola made various new software related announcements on Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, not the least of which is a strategic acquisition that ultimately could make the company’s Android-powered devices a much more viable option for the enterprise market. 3LM, short for Three Laws Mobile, develops a variety of security and management solutions for enterprise customers with Android devices. The acquisition was completed in late 2010 for an undisclosed sum, and Motorola will aim to offer its customers security comparable to the BlackBerry platform as a result of the deal.

Motorola also made several other software announcements, including the addition of various new features for its MOTOBLUR product. MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s UI overlay and social services suite for Android devices, will soon evolve thanks to the addition of enhanced location, messaging, music and gallery features. Updates will include Connected Music, a proprietary social network focused on music; Connected gallery, a feature that will pull friends’ Facebook, Picasa and Flickr galleries into a live stream; and the addition of Aloqa’s location-triggered push platform, which will allow third-party developers to utilize on-device notifications triggered by location, identity or “social relationships.”

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Motorola Tao said to be getting official next week

October 1st at 9:47 AM

Motorola Tao said to be getting official next week


We here at BGR are well aware that Motorola’s Tao (aka Sholes) is the current object du désire for Android lovers and smartphone junkies alike, so we’re pretty encouraged by a rumor being peddled by The Street that would see Motorola announce the Tao next week. Ordinarily such rumors are approached with guarded skepticism (especially considering The Street’s not so hot track record of late), but we see no reason to doubt this particular tidbit. Not only is CTIA kicking off in San Diego on October 7th, but Motorola’s own developer conference, MOTODEV, also starts the very same week. Add in the fact that the Tao just recently got clearance from the FCC and someone felt brave enough to go wild with some pics of the device, and we’d say this phone is ready to burst onto the scene.

Thanks, Mike!

UPDATE: We’ve heard without a doubt that The Street (more like Skid Row) is wrong and this handset won’t be introduced next week.