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Motorola’s Super Bowl ad takes aim at Apple [video]

Motorola won’t be pulling any punches during the Super Bowl this year as it prepares to run a spot that calls out Apple’s iconic 1984 Macintosh television advertisement. The reborn cell phone maker >>

Motorola DROID 2 unboxing / impressions

The original Motorola DROID practically saved Motorola’s wireless division (though we suppose you could argue Verizon deserves the same amount of credit, if not more). Following up on their superstar handset is the >>

Motorola BACKFLIP up close and hands on

The folks over at Motorola were nice enough to give us a deep dive into the new BACKFLIP which will be available Q1. You’re all aware that it features MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s UI over >>

Hands on with the Motorola CLIQ

Note to phone manufacturers: When giving press/bloggers hands on time with the handset that is the crucial first step in your rebuilding process, please do so in desirable lighting as opposed to darkness. >>

Moto ZN300 pops up on Motorola site

While T-Mobile fights to move the Motorola ZN5 — having just closed yet another day of offering the 5 megapixel feature phone for free with a new contract — Motorola has made yet >>

Motorola ZN300 gets pictured

More news today from Motorola it would seem, as the first live shot of its upcoming ZN300 handset emerges from the depths of the interwebz. Three cheers for a Moto feature phone! No? >>