Microsoft to drop Zune Music Pass to $10 per month on October 3rd

September 30th at 2:45 AM

Microsoft to drop Zune Music Pass to $10 per month on October 3rd

Microsoft will lower its Zune Music Pass from $14.99 per month to $9.99 per month beginning on October 3rd alongside the service’s launch in Canada. The service will now be priced in line with Spotify and similar services. Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace is home to 14 million songs and a Zune Music Pass subscription provides unlimited streaming access to the music. Unlike other services, Zune Music Pass allows subscribers to keep 10 songs per month. Microsoft’s move is no doubt an effort to attract customers who might otherwise but attempted to join a number of competing music subscription options including Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody and even Apple’s upcoming iCloud service. Zune Music Pass subscribers can access their playlists and library from any Windows Phone, a PC or from an Xbox 360 console. More →


Facebook Connect: 250 million monthly users, adding 10,000 sites every day

December 8th at 7:15 AM

Facebook Connect: 250 million monthly users, adding 10,000 sites every day

At the Le Web conference in Paris France, Facebook’s platform chief, Ethan Beard, told technology blog TechCrunch that his company’s Facebook Connect service now has 250 million users making monthly connections via third-party sites. Mr. Beard went on to note that 100 million of those users began using the Connect service within the past year and that Facebook is adding nearly 10,000 sites per day.

Do any of you utilize Facebook connect to authenticate to sites other than FB? Login with your Facebook account below to drop us a comment. More →


Rogers reinstates 24-month hardware upgrade program

October 29th at 11:49 AM

Rogers reinstates 24-month hardware upgrade program

Following up on a story we broke last week: it looks like Rogers Wireless has reverted back to a 24-month term for their customer hardware upgrade program. The program — which previously allowed customers to upgrade handsets, with full subsidies, after fulfilling 24-months of a 36-month contract — was adjusted last week, requiring customers to fulfill a 30-month term before getting the discounted pricing. Now, according to a second company communication, it looks like Rogers will be reinstating the 24-month hardware upgrade term. A memo to employees reads:

Last week, we communicated some changes about our Hardware Upgrade Policy (HUP) eligibility. To ensure our current promotions are clear and consistent, Data to Data HUP eligibility will be revised to 24-months as of October 28. This current promotion aligns Voice to Voice, Voice to Data and Data to Data eligibility all to 24-months.

Important Note about Hardware Upgrades
To remain competitive and increase customer loyalty, we regularly offer customers promotional options to upgrade their hardware before the expiry of their current commitments. However, it is important to remember that our HUP program is a promotion and not a plan feature. These promotions are subject to change and as a result, should not be promised to customers at the point of sale.

Back to business as usual in Canada. Anyone feeling relieved?

Thanks, solidsnake3467!


T-Mobile announces new prepaid voice and data plans

October 13th at 2:29 PM

T-Mobile announces new prepaid voice and data plans

About one-week ago, information on T-Mobile’s prepaid phone and data plans leaked… and the information was dead on. Today, T-Mobile officially announced the new prepaid monthly plans that will be available on October 18. The plans looks like this:

Prepaid Monthly Phone Data Plans

  • $70/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 2 GB of Data
  • $50/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 100 MB of Data
  • $30/month 1,500 Talk and Text (mix and match voice and text messages) with 30 MB of Data
  • Unlimited Text and $0.10/minute
  • $1.49/day Web DayPass

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

  • $10 week pass (100 MB)
  • $30 month pass (300 MB)
  • $50 month pass (1 GB)

The prepaid mobile broadband plans will be available on a new “Jet USB Laptop Stick” that is “pre-packaged with a prepaid SIM card, user guide, and plug & play connection manager software” — the device will be available online on October 18th and in stores on the 20th. “T-Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband plans have no annual contract, no credit check, no overages and can be used with any of the company’s mobile broadband products,” explains the press release. The prepaid voice plans look pretty attractive… but $50 for 1 GB of data seems pretty steep.