NAVIGON brings on-board navigation to Android

October 27th at 1:07 PM

NAVIGON brings on-board navigation to Android

Today, via a press release, German-based navigation company NAVIGON announced the release of its MobileNavigator product on the Android platform. Touting the software as the “first on-board navigation app from a major navigation company,” the company is hoping that some of the software’s extras — on-device maps, live traffic, real traffic-sign displays and red light camera locations — will help it to compete with the free Google Maps Navigation option. One leg-up MobileNavigator does have on said alternative is that it will run on devices running Android 1.5 or higher — Google Maps Navigation has a baseline of Android 2.0. The software requires 1.5GB of storage space and, after a free 30-day trial period, it will be priced at $39.99 for the next two weeks, or $59.99 thereafter. MobileNavigator is available in the Android Market starting today. More →


NAVIGON launches MobileNavigator for Android and Windows phones

January 7th at 12:31 PM

NAVIGON launches MobileNavigator for Android and Windows phones


NAVIGON is bringing MobileNavigator, its popular turn-by-turn navigation solution to Windows Mobile and Android users in North America. Originally launched on the iPhone, MobileNavigator for Android and Windows Mobile utilizes your mobile phone’s on-board GPS receiver and pre-loaded maps to provide navigation when there is no cellular coverage. It’s a pretty feature rich app and it includes:

  • Reality View Pro which displays photo-realistic 3D views with actual road signs and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit drivers will encounter
  • Lane Assistant Pro which helps drivers prepare to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry.
  • Text-to-speech functionality which announces street names in addition to turn-by-turn directions
  • Speed Assistant with adjustable audio-visual warnings
  • Day & Night Mode for map display, 2D and 3D map view, Automatic switching between portrait and landscape format
  • Direct Access allows navigation to contacts saved in the phone’s address book, Intelligent address entry
  • Route Planning, Branded POIs and POIs along the route

The Windows Mobile version of MobileNavigator will ship with maps of North America (US, Canada, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) from NAVTEQ and will debut next week at Pocketgear and MobileNavigator for Windows Mobile will run $69.00 until February 14, 2010, at which point the application will jump to its full retail price of $89.00. The Android version will launch in Spring 2010 at a yet-to-be-determined price.

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