Facebook buys fb.com, to be used in upcoming email service?

November 12th at 2:09 PM

Facebook buys fb.com, to be used in upcoming email service?

It’s no secret that Facebook will be holding another media event on Monday, November 15th. It is widely thought, and has been reported, that the social networking giant will be launching its own web-based email service; purportedly code-named “Project Titan.”  This got us thinking, how will Facebook differentiate its employees, who currently use facebook.com email addresses, from its 500 million users? How about this: fb.com.

In doing a little digging we found that MarkMonitor, a company whose sole purpose is to facilitate online and enterprise brand protection, is listed as the registrar of the domain fb.com. According to the available information, records for said domain were last updated on September 8th of this year. MarkMonitor manages online assets for company’s such as Nokia, UBS, and — according to this eWeek article from 2009 — Facebook.

It’s all a little speculative, but considering: MarkMonitor is the listed registrar of the fb.com domain, they have a working relationship with Facebook, and the social networking giant is in the market for a new (preferable shorter) domain name… all the pieces are there. And we’ll find out for sure on Monday.


Apple's rumored tablet to be named iSlate?

December 25th at 2:08 PM

Apple's rumored tablet to be named iSlate?


Some slick domain name and trademark sleuthing from MacRumors and TechCrunch uncovered information about several islate-containing domains and the companion trademark “ISLATE” that may point to Apple as the company behind this mark. It all began with MacRumors which uncovered information about the domain islate.com, a TLD that passed through several hands until 2007 where it landed with the registrar MarkMonitor, a well-known registrar that handles and hides domain registrations for large companies including Apple. Close inspection of the domain name history reveals a brief lapse in late 2007 which exposed Apple as the actual owner of the domain. A look at other TLDs reveals that MarkMonitor also registered islate.co.uk, islate.biz, islate.info, islate.jp and islate.cn in the month of November 2006. Other country designations such as, islate.de and islate.fr, don’t fit into the puzzle as they are registered to known companies with islate.de being registered to a Innovative Dynamics GmbH and islate.fr being registered to the IP property law firm of Wilson & Bertherlot. The mystery deepens when one takes a look at the “ISLATE” trademark information uncovered by TechCrunch, though. Hit the jump to read on.

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