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Mac News, page 3

Here’s one Mac hack you’ll never see coming

Hackers at the popular Chaos Computer Congress in Hamburg, Germany, managed to demonstrate an interesting type of attack on some OS X computers that, if successful, cannot be detected or removed. FROM EARLIER: Hackers have >>

How to fix the most annoying problems with OS X Yosemite

As a relatively new version of Apple’s desktop operating system, Yosemite is understandably imperfect. In the past, we’ve covered how to fix the frequent WiFi issues that many users have reported, but there >>

Here’s how Apple’s ads have evolved since the 1970s

Before actor John “And I’m a PC” Hodgman turned the PC into a laughable dope, before dancing silhouettes convinced you to buy an iPod and before George Orwell’s novel came to life in a 60-second >>