M8800 News

FCC approves Samsung T929 for T-Mobile

Fret not, T-Mobile fans! It appears as though AT&T isn’t going to be the only carrier graced with an 8-megapixel touch screen phone from Samsung. The long rumored T929, or Leica or Memoir >>

LG KC780 makes their own 8MP camera, and thinner!

Not to be outdone by their Korean competitor, LG is whipping out their own 8 megapixel camera with the KC780. They’re also calling this one the thinnest 8MP camera that can be had >>

Samsung Pixon M8800 digital camera also features a phone

Everyone and their grandmother rocks a camera phone these days. We’ve finally reached a point where even the cheapest of cheap entry-level handsets is at least packing a 1.3 megapixel shooter, allowing user >>