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What a $4,600 Picnic Basket Looks Like

When it comes to luxury goods, there are no shortage of products whose very existence defy explanation, both from a cost and utility perspective. Still, if people are willing to shell out big bucks >>

Nokia Erdos spotted in promo video

Nokia can produce a luxury phone like none other and its latest rumored endeavor, the Erdos, is no exception. Featuring a slick polished aluminum casing, matching mirrored 2.4-inch QVGA OLED display and a >>

Samsung Armani W820/8200 makes an appearance in Korea

Samsung’s partnership with fashion designer Armani continues with the appearance of the rumored Armani W820/8200. The gold-trimmed slider features a 3.1-inch WVGA AMOLED touchscreen display, HSDPA, T-DMB, Bluetooth, 5 megapixel primary camera and a >>

Motorola redefines elegance with the AURA

Motorola announced on Tuesday its new luxury phone, the Motorola AURA. The AURA features the world’s first circular display with 16 million colors and 300 dpi resolution and is the first phone to >>