LulzSec News

Australian cops nab self-proclaimed LulzSec leader

The lulz have been few and far between for hacker collective LulzSec lately since several of its members are facing prison terms, and now Australia’s ABC News reports that Australian police have arrested >>

Dark side of ‘Anonymous’ comes out in new interview

It’s no mystery that the hackers behind notorious “hacktivist” groups Anonymous and LulzSec cause a tremendous amount of trouble for the companies and agencies they target, but thousands of young web users cheer >>

LulzSec and Anonymous hackers released on bail

Four hackers associated with Anonymous and LulzSec were released from a London courthouse on bail after a hearing on Wednesday. Peter David Gibson, Ashley Rhodes, Christopher Weatherhead and a 17-year old male are >>

FBI raids ‘Anonymous’ hackers in New York

The FBI raided the homes of three hackers from the infamous hacking group ‘Anonymous’ in New York, Fox News reported on Tuesday. Reportedly, more than 10 FBI agents stormed the house of Giordani >>