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Maemo 5 Beta SDK is now ripe for the picking

Nokia’s Internet Tablets haven’t exactly been a massive success on the user adoption front but Nokia isn’t one to give up. While the company did recently bail on the latest iteration of its >>

Nokia considering Maemo Linux for its mobile phones?

In a side interview at the Nokia World Conference, Ukko Lappalainen, vice president of Nokia’s markets unit, told Reuters, “In the longer perspective, Linux will become a serious alternative for our high-end phones.&rdquo >>

Move over netbooks, IMOVIO is comin’ through

If netbooks weren’t getting small enough for you, or you were disappointed you couldn’t put a computer into your pocket, IMOVIO has the solution for your woes. Judging by those photos, it looks >>

Netbooks take the world by storm

Anyone keeping up on technology would notice a recent explosion in the netbook market. More or less started by the surprisingly successful Asus EEE Pc in 2007, the market for these low-cost, lightweight >>