BGR Giveaway: Saddleback Leather Co. briefcase

November 16th at 1:58 PM

BGR Giveaway: Saddleback Leather Co. briefcase

Tis’ the season for giveaways, no? Our friends at Saddleback Leather Co — a San Antonio based purveyor of fine leather goods — sent us a fairly magnificent treat to give away to you, our beloved readers. The aforementioned goodie up-for-grabs is the company’s classic, leather briefcase in the very sophisticated chestnut color; retail value: $519 USD. Let us be the first to assure you that this briefcase is gorgeous. The leather is thick and dark, everything on the bag oozes quality and durability, and, if something were to go wrong, the bag comes with a 100 year warranty. As the Saddleback website reads: “If you or one of your lucky descendants should have a problem, send it back and we’ll repair or replace it for free (be sure to put this guarantee in your will).”

So how do you win? Simple:

• To enter, drop a comment below letting us know why you would like this awesome briefcase.
• The giveaway will run until November 21st at 11:59PM ET.
• You must be a U.S. resident and be 18 years of age or older.
• Please comment once and only once. Multiple comments will result in an instant disqualification.

We’ll contact the winner via email next week. Good luck, and thanks again to Saddleback Leather!

UPDATE: Congrats to our winner H.A.!


BGR Giveaway: Saddleback leather gadget sleeves

September 9th at 11:20 PM

BGR Giveaway: Saddleback leather gadget sleeves

Saddleback Leather Co., a San Antonio based purveyor of leather products, has sent us a few items to give away to you, our beloved readers. The company sent us over a large gadget pouch (retail $55), which is designed to fit Apple’s iPad but will fit any gizmo of similar proportions, as well as a small gadget pouch (retail $31) that is perfect for the mobile device of your choosing. The raw-hide pouches are made of thick, high-quality leather, very unique, and come with the following warranty:

All of our products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for 100 years. If you or one of your descendants should have a problem, send it back to me or one of my descendants and we’ll repair or replace it for free or we’ll give you a credit on the website (be sure to mention the warranty in your will).

To enter the giveaway:

  • Drop a comment below and specify whether you are interested in the small pouch, large pouch, or if it doesn’t matter.
  • Multiple entries will disqualify you and the devices are not included in the giveaway.
  • The contest will run from now until Monday, September 13 at 11:59 PM ET.

Good luck.

Winners: Congratulations to our two winners: Jonny and Jarrod.


Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Nero hands on

January 30th at 12:47 PM

Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Nero hands on

Aw man, another one? We guess so! Hot off the Vertu Signature S Design we manhandled yesterday, we’ve moved on to bigger and better things. We’re talking official Ferrari-licensed limited edition goods here, people. The Vertu Ascent Ti has actually been around for a little while, we did a hands on over a year ago, but the handset has been done up in Ferrari garb, and we’ve got the most precious Ti out of the Ferrari Ti family — Nero. Standard Vertu disclaimer applies: this isn’t for the faint of heart, bang-for-your-buck shopper or penny pincher. There is something to be said for the incredible craftsmanship of the this device, we’d really say it’s the finest phone in the world. Literally. The Ascent Ti features a 3 megapixel auto-focus camera, quad-band EDGE, 3G, Ferrari leather and a custom metal called Liquidmetal Alloy which is proven to withstand direct hits by a racecar. The Signature, while supposed to impress, didn’t really wow us, but the Nero is putting smiles on babies faces. The feel, call quality, and exclusive Ferrari themes and content make this our favorite Vertu phone by a long shot. At a retail price of $11,500 though, we’re not sure there is a carrier around to subsidize this bad boy… Hit the gallery for the shots and there’s a video of us calling the Concierge and hanging up like little school children after the break.

Click on over to our Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Nero hands on gallery!

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Vertu Signature S Design Hands on

January 27th at 4:49 PM

Vertu Signature S Design Hands on

What, you didn’t see this coming? While the global economy is suffering, Vertu keeps on launching their high-end mobile phones to the world’s richest customers. While they used to be featureless handsets, they’ve now become current, and what used to be expensive, is still… expensive. Let’s look at the brand new Vertu Signature we just got in our office. It’s the stainless steel model, and is made of sapphire crystal, fine leather, and of course, stainless steel. Its got 3G (only the 850MHz and 2100MHz WCDMA band), Wi-Fi, and an OLED display. Definitely some things that keep these devices in play, tech-wise at least. Since Vertu is an off-shoot of Nokia, all up-to-date Vertus run a customized version of the Series 40 OS (we have heard Vertu is working on a PDA, but nothing has materialized yet). Still, at a retail price of $12,500, who’s going to buy this? The old answer used to be someone who can appreciate the finer things in life, just as someone would spend $80,000 on a watch, they’d have no problem dropping $12,000 on a phone. Right? Well, times have changed. This isn’t 2004 when people were rockin’ RAZRs as the new hot thing and had a pretty limited selection of smartphones. If you think about it the world is pretty topsy turvy. There’s BlackBerrys with cameras, Apple makes a cell phone, HTC makes Android devices, and Sony Ericsson makes a Windows Mobile phone. So where is the market for this Signature? We’d say its smaller than ever thanks to the popularity of smartphones that actually work and then obviously the economy. There’s no doubt this is Vertu’s finest model, it sure as heck feels like it. We’re just not so sure people are that interested in this day and age. Unless we’re talking about that Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Nero, then well, that’s another story…

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