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HTC Iolite gets outed by retailer

We’re not sure which is worse – the infamous blurry-cam leak or the tiny-pic leak. Neither affords much in the way of a satisfying visual aid but hey, something is better than nothing. >>

T-Mobile G2 to be released on January 26th?

Yeah, we’re going to have to go ahead and file this one pretty low on the rumor totem pole, but supposedly T-Mobile is planning to release its second Android-powered handset just over a >>

Confirmed: Palm Treo Pro coming to Sprint in January

It’s been almost a month since we first broke the scoop on the Treo Pro coming to Sprint next month but it looks like there’s finally confirmation. A leaked Sprint time line for >>

Lenovo shows HTC how to make an Android phone; huh?

No seriously. What would you say if we told you that Lenovo is currently in the testing phase with an Android-powered handset that makes HTC’s G1 look like a first-year design student’s mid-term >>

Info on LG’s seizure-inducing KC560 emerges

LG has been coming out with so many sexy phones lately, we almost forgot about the various snafus the Korean manufacturer is known to have. Take the KC560 for example. Sure the specs >>

Nokia internal smartphone roadmap revealed

Well hello there – Nothing quite like a leaked internal roadmap to cure even the most dire case of the Mondays. This table is chocked-full-o-goodies but don’t get too excited just yet. What >>