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It’s official: Uber is in crisis

Literally hours after we published a (very long!) list of all the execs who have jumped ship from Uber this year, more bad news landed about Uber’s management situation. Benchmark Capital, a venture >>

Apple’s fight with Qualcomm could hurt the iPhone 8

Apple has been locked in a bitter dispute with Qualcomm, a major chip manufacturer that has historically supplied the wireless modems for the iPhone. According to a new report, Apple’s legal dispute with >>

Apple accuses Samsung of destroying evidence

Apple on May 1st filed a motion in the Northern District of California alleging that Samsung intentionally destroyed documents it was ordered to hand over to the Cupertino-based company, Network World reported on >>

Proview rejects Apple's settlement offer in iPad dispute

Apple reportedly offered Proview $16 million to settle the companies’ ongoing legal dispute over the iPad name, but Proview rejected the offer, Chinese website Sina reported. The cash-strapped company is instead looking for $400 >>

Shareholder sues Google to block planned stock split

Google earlier this month reported its earnings for the first quarter of 2012, topping Wall Street’s estimates. The Internet giant also announced plans to create a new class of non-voting capital stock that >>

Apple welcomes trial over eBook price-fixing allegations

Apple wants to go to trial to defend itself against allegations made the United States government surround a price-fixing scheme, Reuters reported on Wednesday.  “Our basic view is that we would like the >>