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11 iOS 8 features Apple ‘stole’ from jailbreak apps

Some of the iOS 8 features Apple introduced this week aren’t completely new smartphone or tablet features the company has come up with. Similar software abilities have existed on other platforms including Android, but also >>

iOS 8 beta jailbreak efforts are off to a promising start

Now that Apple has released the first iOS 8 beta version, some developers have started work on jailbreaking the new mobile operating system, with well-known iOS hacker i0n1c having already revealed that an iOS >>

Awesome iOS jailbreak app brings OS X features to iPad

Even though Apple thinks unifying the iOS and OS X universes — in a similar manner to Microsoft’s “no-compromise” Windows approach — would be a waste of energy, the two operating systems have various things in >>

iOS 7.1 has already been jailbroken… sort of

Apple thanking the jailbreak community for finding vulnerabilities in iOS 7, which the company was then able to patch, was a clear sign that an iOS 7.1 jailbreak will take its time to >>