iPhone OS News

Apple announces availability of iOS 4.3, March 11th

After a month long stint in beta-land, Apple’s latest iteration of iOS — version 4.3 — has been rubber-stamped and pronounced ready for public consumption. Demoing the new code at the company’s iPad 2 event >>

Is this why Apple and Google hate each other?

In this month’s Bloomberg Businessweek cover-story entitled Larry Page’s Google 3.0, reporter Brad Stone touches upon what may be the root of ongoing bickering between Apple and Google. While the two companies continue >>

Apple renames iPhone OS, iOS is the new moniker

iWonder if Apple will ever break away from its very sucessful, and very annoying, “i” naming convention. Well, for the time being it doesn’t look like it. Today, at WWDC, Apple announced that >>

Apple announces iPhone 4

“Now stop me if you’ve seen this.” And so Steve Jobs announced the iPhone 4. Featuring stainless steel banding around the sides and a glass front, the iPhone 4’s “closest kin is a >>

AdMob: iPhone OS outnumbers Android 2:1 in the US

According to AdMob’s April 2010 Mobile Metrics Report, the number of iPhone OS devices in the US outnumber the amount of Android devices by a ratio of 2:1. AdMob estimates that for all >>

iPhone security lapse allows for data read access

A major security flaw has been uncovered in the Apple iPhone 3GS this week after two security experts discovered it was possible to bypass the device’s security and gain nearly full read access >>

Android dual-boot for iPhone now available

http://www.bgr.com/2010/04/22/android-successfully-ported-over-to-the-iphone/ Listen: We’ve been doing this for a long time and it’s incredibly hard for a single story to make us drop our jaws, but this is something special. A functional version of >>

Images of 4th generation iPhone emerge?

Blog iClarified has posted several images of what a tipster is claiming to be the exterior casing for the fourth generation iPhone. The pictures are a little suspect for several reasons: an all >>