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The best PC strategy game of all time just came to iPad

I know I’m going to make a lot of Age of Empires fans mad here, but Rome: Total War is objectively the best PC strategy game of all time. The groundbreaking mixed-campaign mode, where you switch between >>

Apple just dropped a big clue about its first AR project

Niantic’s Pokemon Go mobile game is the easiest augmented reality experience that you can try to understand what the whole AR fuss is about. You basically have a digital layer that’s projected on >>

iOS 10.0.2 is here, go download it now

You might still be getting to grips with all of iOS 10’s quirks, but an update is already here to sort out a few problems. If you’re running an iOS 10 device, you >>

iOS 10 beta 5 now available

It’s been less than two weeks since iOS 10 beta 4 hit the air, but it’s already time for an upgrade. Apple has made iOS 10 beta 5 available to developers (and the >>