Internet Tablet News

Throwback Thursday: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

In honor of Research In Motion’s upcoming virgin voyage into the mysterious, turbulent waters that are today’s consumer tablet market, we thought we would take a moment to look back fondly at the tablet that started >>

Crunchpad begins to take shape

There it is folks, the first usable prototype of TechCrunch’s internet tablet project. For those who missed it, Michael Arrington decided he wanted a sizable, affordable browser-only device and and couldn’t find one >>

Nokia pulls plug on N810 WiMAX Edition

In a startlingly abrupt move just one day after the launch of WiMAX service in Portland, OR, Nokia is reportedly discontinuing production of its N810 WiMAX Edition internet tablet and will stop all >>

Nokia N810: Twice as Fast, Half the Price*

Oh sorry, we thought it was ok for anyone to make that false statement as long as there was an asterisk at the end. Hey, at least you won’t be paying added charges >>