iPhone 3G: the details you never wanted to know

June 9th at 7:11 PM

iPhone 3G: the details you never wanted to know

By now even your grandmother knows what Apple announced today. But what about the fine print? What about the $199 and $299 pricing? Well, as some of you might have guessed, those prices are only with contracts with a carrier. We just got a hold of an internal AT&T email to store managers and it details almost every single detail of Apple’s iPhone 3G. Here’s a list of the most important/interesting points we found, followed by the entire email:

  • iPhone 3G will be activated at point of sale when the device is purchased in store. 
  • Return period has been changed from 14 days to 30 days
  • $199 and $299 pricing is for new activations or qualified upgrades with a 2-year agreement
  • 2G iPhone data rate plans will remain available for 2G device suntil further notice
  • The new iPhone 3G data plan is $30/month and includes unlimited data and visual voicemail
  • There is not a no commitment price. This means you can’t just walk in and bang $500 on your credit card and walk out. 
  • If you are an existing iPhone customer in good standing, you will be able to extend your contract for two years when the iPhone 3G launches and get the ill-na-na $199/$299 price point. Doesn’t matter when you bought an iPhone either.
  • AT&T and Apple stores “unbrick” the iPhone 3G at time of purchase, but for some reason if that doesn’t happen, you’ll be required to use iTunes at home.
  • Pre-paid and Pick Your Plan will not be allowed on iPhone 3G
  • Device purchase limit remains at (3) per customer in AT&T stores.
  • 2G iPhones to remain as demo models in AT&T stores “until further notice”.
  • AT&T stores will get rate brochures, 22 x 28 posters, and window banners
  • Launch day will mirror last year’s launch. This includes extended store hours, crowd controls, etc. Security will be provided to stores requesting armed police or guards.
  • AT&T is working with Apple to roll out GPS-enabled applications.

There you have, folks! Almost everything you wanted to know, and a lot of stuff you didn’t. Full email is after the break!

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