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Google to improve Gmail contacts manager

Today, Google announced planned improvements to the contacts manager located in its Gmail web-based email client. Google touts the Contacts feature now, “works more like the rest of Gmail” and that they incorporated a ton >>

New Hotmail interface available to all users

Microsoft has announced that its new, improved Windows Live Hotmail interface is available to all 350 million users in over 220 countries. Microsoft writes, “Now, everyone can take advantage of a faster Hotmail >>

Apple sues HTC for patent infringement

After talking to HTC when they were giving us a preview of the HTC Hero a while back, we asked about multitouch and why they finally decided to include it. More or less >>

Symbian's S^4 interface gets previewed on video

Symbian fans looking forward to the S^4 release can get a sneak peek at the interface for this upcoming OS courtesy of YouTube member mdanofierce. The two b-roll style  S^4 videos appear to >>