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iPhone 7 may finally have ‘Intel Inside’

A new bombshell of a report from VentureBeat claims that Intel currently has a team of 1,000 employees working hard in an effort to get its vaunted 7360 LTE modem chip ready to go for >>

Microsoft does what?

Back in the day when Apple was trying to reaffirm itself in the computer business and convince buyers that Macs were better than PCs, the company came up with a slew of Mac >>

MacBooks with gigantic 10TB SSDs might soon be a reality

All of the MacBook laptops Apple is currently selling come with flash storage on board, which significantly improves their overall performance. Moreover, putting an SSD into an old MacBook will offer you a nice >>

This tiny dongle is fully capable of running Windows 10

You might not remember Intel’s interesting Windows-based Compute Stick dongle announced at CES 2015, but Microsoft a similar computer-on-a-stick product to buyers in Korea. The Register reports that Korea’s local Microsoft branch announced the Lucoms >>