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Motorola DROID BIONIC hands-on

We’ve spent just about a day with the Motorola DROID BIONIC for Verizon Wireless, and while that’s not long enough to put together a thorough review, we can certainly report back on our first impressions. >>

Sonos PLAY:3 hands-on

Sonos released a new sibling in their audio lineup recently, and it’s called the PLAY:3. You can think of it as a smaller PLAY:5 (what used to be called the S5), and it >>

Hands on with Sprint’s Nexus S 4G

If you’ve seen one Nexus S, you’ve seen em’ all. That’s all that can really be said about the freshly announced Nexus S 4G from Sprint. The very same handset that was released >>

Hands on with AT&T’s LG Thrill 4G [video]

We knew if we looked long enough and hard enough we would find it! In spite of the handset’s absence from both the official AT&T and LG booths at CTIA, we found the company’s latest >>

HTC Inspire 4G hands-on

AT&T and HTC shot us over an HTC Inspire 4G, and while we literally had to dodge falling ice and walk carefully over the frozen Arctic tundra to get to the FedEx package, it’s all >>

Google Nexus S hands-on

The nice folks in Mountain View, CA were kind enough to shoot us over a Google Nexus S, and we finally have it in our hands. Here are first impressions in addition to >>

Millennial Media: Android ad requests up 996% this year

Millennial Media has just published their August 2010 “Mobile Mix”; a report that details the “latest mobile device trends for connected devices, mobile manufacturers, and operating systems.” According to Millennial, Android ad requests are up >>

Happy Epic 4G day!

If you are up bright and early, trying to score yourself a Samsung Epic 4G, your friends here at BGR want to wish you good luck. We’ve already posted some initial impressions, a >>