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Apple’s new iMac Pro will probably blow your mind

Apple recently unveiled its best iMac yet, the iMac Pro that we heard was coming but still weren’t fully prepared for. The company only revealed some of the new iMac Pro’s specs during >>

Apple: Pro users couldn’t care less about a touchscreen iMac

With the Mac Pro languishing on the sidelines, not to mention the backlash that accompanied Apple’s arguably underpowered 2016 MacBook Pro, a narrative that Apple no longer cared about its creative professional demographic began >>

Next year’s iMac will have one good thing going for it

Amidst the flurry of new MacBook Pro updates this autumn, one of Apple’s other old computers was forgotten. With the exception of a new screen, Apple’s iMac has sat unchanged since you did that >>

Here’s every new product Apple just launched

Apple on Tuesday unveiled brand new iMacs and a range of updated accessories to go with them. Yes, there’s a new 27-inch iMac with 5K resolution, but for the first time, the smaller >>