BlackBerry Desktop for Mac now launching October 2nd? VZ Hub gets discontinued

September 29th at 2:16 PM

BlackBerry Desktop for Mac now launching October 2nd? VZ Hub gets discontinued


We know, we know — you are totally bummed about BlackBerry’s much-awaited Desktop for Mac software not launching yet. It’s definitely not coming in September. We have heard, however, that October 2nd will be the new general launch date for the application.

Seperately we’ve been informed that Verizon’s Hub “landline killer” device has officially been discontinued in all retail channels effective today.


Upcoming Verizon news: BlackBerry Niagara, Hub updates, Netbooks, Apex

February 19th at 3:22 AM

Upcoming Verizon news: BlackBerry Niagara, Hub updates, Netbooks, Apex

One of our trusty ninjas just hit us up with a couple details on some of Verizon’s upcoming products and product offerings. First off.. Netbooks. We’ve been told that Verizon Wireless will 100% start selling Netbooks in stores around May of this year. The first one looks to be a 10-inch HP Mini which should go for $99 on a 2-year agreement (with BroadbandAccess plan). On a related note, we’ve been told that AT&T is in the process of setting this up as well (selling Netbooks in stores).

The hate-it-or-love-it Verizon Hub home phone will be getting an upgrade to enable streaming radio on or around February 22nd.

There’s a new feature for Verizon Wireless subscribers rolling out called Media Manager. What we’re told this does is enable you to backup all your ringtones, games, and phone content to one location for free as long as you use the My Account feature online. Basically think of it as a free backup assistant, rumored to be rolling out momentarily.

The BlackBerry Apex (BlackBerry 8230) we’re told was removed from Verizon’s data devices road map. Our contact doesn’t know why or what it possibly means, but he said it either means it is coming very soon (likely) or not being released at all (unlikely).

Finally, the BlackBerry Niagara. We showed you the first photo of it, and it turns out it is pretty much spot on. We do have some more information, however. You can definitely think of it as a cross between the Bold and the Curve 8900. It’s bigger than the Curve, but smaller than the Bold. It has the same 480×320 screen resolution as the bold, and thankfully we’re told rocks the same processor as well (624MHz CPU). Lastly, it runs the 4.6 OS but you didn’t really need us to tell you that. In terms of release date, you’re going to be a little disappointed — we don’t have one. We were originally told by our original tipster that the Niagara would launch in May of ’09 on Verizon, and darn it, that looks pretty accurate. When we have something confirmed, we’ll obviously share that news. Below is a recap of the information we reported on the Niagara when we broke the news:

  • “Large screen family”
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 480×360 LCD
  • EV-DO Rev. A
  • aGPS
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • 4.7 OS platform
  • BES 5.0 support (HTML email, etc)
  • Qualcomm MSM7600 processor

Pretty good, eh?

Thanks, NotHTCKid!


Verizon Hub Phone gets really real, really

January 23rd at 3:08 PM

Verizon Hub Phone gets really real, really

First uncovered well over a year ago, the “Verizon Hub” is finally going to see the light of day. Talk of the Hub, Hub Phone, Ultra-deskphone or whatever else you want to call it, was revived earlier this week when accessories began popping up on the Verizon website. Lo and behold, Big Red has made it official with a press release. So, umm, what is it?

…a new touch screen home phone system designed to replace old-style home phones with a souped-up home communications system, bridging wireline and wireless connectivity in one simple service, that runs on any broadband connection – whether supplied by Verizon FiOS Internet or DSL or any other high-speed service provider.

Well then. Mike Lanman, VP and CMO at Verizon Wireless goes on to say, “The Verizon Hub is going to change the way you think about what you want and need your home phone to do. Whether you’re thinking about getting rid of your home phone or can’t live without it, now is the time to try out the Verizon Hub.” The Verizon Hub will make use of the generously sized touchscreen in a variety of ways – weather info, a variety of calendar and time management functions, movie previews, ticket purchasing and so on. As for pricing, you’re looking at $200 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a monthly $35 subscription that includes unlimited US calling and messaging. The Verizon Hub is set to become available on February 1 – any takers?



Verizon hub ultra-deskphone begins taking shape on VZW site

January 18th at 9:40 AM

Verizon hub ultra-deskphone begins taking shape on VZW site

Preliminary info has been floating around the Verizon Hub deskphone but actual release details have been scant at best. It now looks like some images are finally popping up on Verizon’s website where accessories and other bits of info are displayed. The device looks to replace many items that would be found around your phone at home (if you actually still have one of those). Pictures, notes and snippets, weather, messages and many other features will be packed into this device. Essentially, this is your one-stop-shop for everything communications at home. There isn’t much more than can be said about this new phone, but from the looks of things it may be dropping pretty soon – in fact they may already be in stores waiting to be released. If the accessories page is any indication, it’s going to have internet access, a touch screen with stylus and it will require a two-year contract. Anyone excited about one of these?

Thanks, matrix2004!