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I wish the iPhone had copied HTC instead

There are so many things that HTC used to be so good at, but several of the company’s strengths have become weaknesses in recent years. I’m not just talking about selling phones, though >>

2015 has been absolutely gruesome for HTC

HTC is in a lot of trouble, and that’s putting it mildly. Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo has done a thorough rundown of why 2015 has been a total disaster for HTC, which wasn’t >>

Apple and Samsung are diseases, and HTC has the cure

While Samsung is widely known for its attack ads that fire shots at Apple and the iPhone, HTC often steers clear of the fray and focuses instead on being… weird. Every once in a while >>

The 3 best Android phones on the planet each launch today

Rarer than a royal straight, a four-leaf clover, winning the lottery or even getting struck by lightning twice is an occurrence we like to call “fanpocalypse.” It’s that rare time when hardcore Apple fans >>