iPad Wi-Fi + 3G gets torn apart

May 1st at 5:19 PM

iPad Wi-Fi + 3G gets torn apart


Whether it be because you’re an admirer of the gear, or you just enjoy seeing Apple products stripped of their dignity, you have to admit it’s mighty satisfying to see the new iPad Wi-Fi + 3G torn asunder. The guys at iFixit continued their tradition of promptly tearing down and analyzing the latest Apple products with the 3G iPad and noted some pretty interesting finds in the process:

  • The immediate visible difference is the inclusion of a black plastic RF window on top of the iPad for better antenna reception.
  • The black RF window significantly changes the opening procedure. You cannot start separating the display using the notches on the top (à la Wi-Fi version), since that will undoubtedly break the RF window. You have to start from the right side and gingerly proceed to the top and bottom of the iPad.
  • There are actually FIVE antennas in this iPad:
    • Two antennas handle the cell reception — one is in the RF window on top, the other attaches to the LCD frame.
    • A single GPS antenna is also housed in the RF window on top.
    • Just like the iPad Wi-Fi, there are two antennas that handle Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity, one in the Apple logo and another to the left of the dock connector.
  • You heard that right, folks: Apple looks to be using the entire LCD frame as an antenna! * Who would’ve thought: Apple uses the same 3G baseband processor in both the iPhone 3GS and the iPad 3G.
  • The baseband processor in question is the Infineon 337S3754 PMB 8878 X-Gold IC. It was actually white-labeled on the production unit, but with enough sleuthing we were able to confirm its true identity.
  • The iPad 3G has a Broadcom BCM4750UBG Single-Chip AGPS Solution, whereas the iPhone 3GS uses an Infineon Hammerhead II package. Big win for Broadcom!
  • Apple did not change any major suppliers between manufacturing the pre-production unit they provided the FCC and their final production run.

Apart from the above, there aren’t any real differences between the two devices. More →


iPhone Video to launch Monday after WWDC announcement?

June 5th at 3:54 PM

iPhone Video to launch Monday after WWDC announcement?

In what would truly be a direct and devastating assault on Palm and it’s upcoming Pre handset, Gear Live is reporting the new iPhone Video may launch as soon as this coming Monday following a WWDC announcement. Though this is hardly confirmed for the time being, Gear Live has proven reliable on several occasions in the past. According to the site, the iPhone Video will be available in three sizes — 8GB, 16GB and 32GB — with most of the rumored goodies we’ve been hearing about lately. The iPhone Video will initially be available in limited supply from Apple locations while a second, smaller model will be released at a later point in time. The smaller 4GB model will reportedly not be sold in Apple Stores. Again, a Monday release is just hearsay for the time being but with all of the heat Palm has attracted with the Pre, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple fast-tracked the launch in an attempt to deal Palm and Sprint a swift death blow right out of the gate.



Nokia N78 NAM giveaway!

June 26th at 5:02 PM

Nokia N78 NAM giveaway!

We told you we weren’t taking the whole giveaway thing lightly! In the market for a brand new Nokia N78 NAM phone? Stop right there — there’s a chance you could win one! Just to be clear, the exact model of this N78 is the N78-3. That has the 850MHz/1900MHz UMTS/HSDPA bands along with quad-band EDGE. Want to win it? All you need to do is leave a comment here and take our site survey which is at the bottom of the article. No information will be shared, etc. It helps you as much as it helps us! In the survey, there is a comment box at the bottom. In that comment box, drop in the same name you leave a comment with and we’ll select one of you!

  • The giveaway will run until July 6th at 11:59PM ET or until we get 1,000 entries. Whichever comes first.
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