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Images of a cancelled Nokia handset surface

Like Sony Ericsson’s Paris P5, bloggers managed to get their hands on a recently-cancelled Nokia handset and give it a quick once over. Unlike the Paris however, this is likely one that won’t >>

Nokia has something cooking for Nokia World

Nokia’s annual conference covering, well, all things Nokia, is set to kick off this coming Tuesday and apparently the Finnish giant has something special in store for us. There is a mysterious countdown >>

Info on LG’s seizure-inducing KC560 emerges

LG has been coming out with so many sexy phones lately, we almost forgot about the various snafus the Korean manufacturer is known to have. Take the KC560 for example. Sure the specs >>

Nokia internal smartphone roadmap revealed

Well hello there – Nothing quite like a leaked internal roadmap to cure even the most dire case of the Mondays. This table is chocked-full-o-goodies but don’t get too excited just yet. What >>

BlackBerry Storm gets its FCC approval on

Things are starting to heat up in Verizon land and CDMA-hugging BlackBerry addicts just got one step closer to seeing the highly anticipated Storm become a reality. The FCC just posted fairly secretive >>