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HTC's Hero swims with the fishes…

We love our HTC Hero around these parts… And what would a hot-selling handset be nowadays without 14 different color combinations? Unfortunately for HTC, they seem to have their color codes mixed up. >>

Microsoft Office coming to Nokia handsets; iPhone next?

When Microsoft and Nokia team up for a press conference, what comes to mind? A sleek Windows 7 powered Internet tablet or perhaps the unthinkable, a Windows Mobile-powered Nokia phone? A little bit >>

Samsung looks to make wireless phones more… wireless

Somewhere over the rainbow in a land far away, wireless phones will actually be wireless. We’re not just talking about cellular voice and data here of course, we’re talking about handsets that can >>

Motorola EM326g: old school, in a bad way

To those of you hoping Motorola’s business strategy team would be planning a bombshell to start Moto’s post-layoff announcement press on a high note, it unfortunately looks as though that won’t be the >>