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Google Translate just became scarily good

Over the last decade, Google Translate has gone from a mildly amusing diversion to an often-useful tool. With a massive update to 10 languages today, Google is stepping firmly onto the territory of >>

Google Translate for Android just got way more useful

There’s an update out for Google’s Android Translate app that you should definitely go download. Rather than just working in the dedicated app, Translate for Android now works its magic system-wide, letting you >>

Google Translate for Android now supports 14 languages [video]

Google updated its Translate application for Android devices on Thursday with support for 11 additional languages as part of a major update. The application will now translate and speak English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese >>

Google Translate for Android updated in wake of Japan crisis

In the wake of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, Google has issued an experimental version of its Translate application for Android. “Download this experimental version of Google Translate for Android to translate text >>