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Shoveling more dirt onto Google+’s grave

A little more than four years ago, Google unveiled Google+, an awkwardly named social network that Google hoped would become a serious rival to Facebook. It goes without saying that didn’t happen even >>

Here’s Google’s latest plan to make Google+ matter

After ten years, Google’s first attempt at creating a social network is finally coming to an end. Google announced on Monday that Orkut would be officially shut down on September 30th, 2014 to make >>

The man behind Google+ is out at Google

Big changes may be coming to Google+. As Re/Code reports, former Google+ boss Vic Gundotra will be leaving Google after eight years at the company. Re/Code’s sources say that Google has appointed Google+ vice >>

There will be no escaping Google+

Google’s attempts to more aggressively push its Google+ social network have been controversial but we shouldn’t expect them to stop anytime soon. The New York Times has a nice explanation of why Google+ >>