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How to free yourself from Gmail’s pop-up compose window

Gmail’s pop-up windows for composing emails have been fairly polarizing among many longtime Gmail users who would like to see Google bring back the old full-screen composition view as the default option. Those >>

Google explains cause of massive Gmail, Chrome outages

Users took to social networks on Monday to vent their displeasure with Google (GOOG) following a 40-minute disruption of service affecting the company’s Chrome Web browser and Gmail service. It was previously unclear >>

Gmail app gets updated for iPhone 5’s wide display

Following on the heels of Netflix (NFLX), Google (GOOG) has updated yet another key iOS app to fit onto the iPhone 5’s larger four-inch screen. As MacRumors writes, the latest version of Gmail released >>

Google’s Gmail iOS app reappears in App Store

Google’s Gmail application for iOS is again available in the iTunes App Store. The application originally launched on November 2nd but was pulled hours later after Google discovered that notifications weren’t working properly. >>