Amazon's Kindle now available to Canadians

November 17th at 9:44 AM

Amazon's Kindle now available to Canadians


Canadians that have long been jealous of their Southern neighbours ability to procure an Amazon Kindle need no longer feel hostile, for today Amazon announced it will ship the Kindle to its Canadian customers. To offer over 300,000 books and a wide assortment of international newspapers, a bunch of unique Canadian content has also been added with The Globe and Mail and The National Post having signed up to deliver their dailies to those that wish to subscribe (Canwest’s publications are said to be coming soon if they don’t get visited by the repo man first). The Kindle will set Canadians back $259 USD ($275 CDN) on Amazon’s American website.

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Bell and TELUS to offer the iPhone next month?

October 5th at 5:54 PM

Bell and TELUS to offer the iPhone next month?


Not super excited about the November launch of Bell’s HSPA network? Fair enough, but we think you’ll change your mind once we tell you what The Globe and Mail is reporting: both Bell and TELUS are going to be selling the Apple iPhone next month. Apple, Bell and TELUS declined to speak to the matter when asked, but the fact remains that not only does this make sense considering the fact exclusivity deals are already starting to fizzle out in the UK, but for the simple fact that if The Globe and Mail says its going to happen you can confidently bet your bottom dollar that it will happen 99 times out of 100. If not, we’re going cancel our subscription for our Canadian office. Rogers, we are awaiting emails from your PR people.

Thanks, Scott, and everyone else who sent this one in!