Google Latitude adds check-ins, available now for Android devices

February 1st at 3:02 PM

Google Latitude adds check-ins, available now for Android devices

If there has been one thing Google Latitude lacked, it was the ability to actually check-in to places and locations. You might ask why you’d need to do that since that service constantly runs in the background and updates your location to friends, but Latitude has never been focused on that granular level, it’s more been aimed towards seeing friends on a map, not what store they’re at, for instance. Today, that’s changing as Google is finally introducing check-ins for Google Latitude through an update to Google Maps on Android. Google is also looking to make check-ins a bit easier than other services like Foursquare, and here’s how:

  • Google will offer check-in notifications. For instance, a notification will alert you on your phone that you went somewhere and forgot to check-in if you have been at one location for a long period of time.
  • Google Latitude will offer automatic check-ins, so if you go a place often, it can automatically check you in to those places that you get tired of pulling out your phone and manually checking-in to.
  • Latitude will also check you out as well. Once you have left a place, the app can check you out so that you’re no longer listed as being at that location.

These three things might not seem that big, but for the location space, they will go a long way towards making location useful, and reducing “check-in fatigue.” More →


Foursquare secures $20 million in series B funding, plans expansion

June 30th at 7:08 AM

Foursquare secures $20 million in series B funding, plans expansion


Yesterday, social networking site foursquare announced that it had successfully secured an additional $20 million in series B venture capital funding from: Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Foursquare, explains exactly what the VC will be used for:

With this new round of financing, our main priority will be to expand our organization to supplement the amazing core team we’ve assembled already. […] We’re hoping to build a world-class engineering organization, based primarily in our headquarters in the New York City to help us develop the next generation of mobile + social + local products that will excite our users and provide unique value for local merchants.

Currently, foursquare has over 2 million users who voluntarily “check-in” to restaurants, bars, shops, and other locations via their mobile device, earning badges and titles along the way. How many of you out there 4sq? More →